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Health Sports – Wudang Taiji 13

Wudang Taiji 13 develops a-symmetrical balance and strength.

Taiji 13 is the root form from which all other Taijiquan (shadowboxing) forms are developed. In understanding any form properly the practices of this form seems a basic requirement. Taijiquan is a healthy practice for old and young since it has so many ways in which it can be performed. Due to the way Taiji as a skill for the individual is practiced it is practiced as part of the natural learning environment without music.Wudang Taiji 13

Some of the results of Wudang Taiji 13 practices within 10 classes will be:
  • Increased spatial awareness
  • Increased a‚Äźsymmetrical body balance
  • Release of tension on breath
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Increases memory capacity
  • Improved basic understanding of 13 Taiji principles
  • Learned about body wholeness
  • Increased focus and concentration
Since I started with Taiji I increased my overall flexibility.
Above all I increased my balance within my body I feel much more confident while walking and I can even stand on one leg without effort.

Take a look at the video showing students from the Oriental College in Amsterdam performing the Wudang Taiji 13


For information please contact Peter at peter@thenatureofbeing.co.uk.
Classes are based on a walk-in, continuous basis and all levels of experience are welcome.

Availability: Wednesdays from 5-6pm
Location: The Therapy Room, 25 Oxford Road, Cambridge, CB4 3PH
To Book: Contact The Therapy Room: 01223 315400 / info@thetherapyroom.com