Experiencing Your Own Wholeness

Health Sports – Wudang Fitness 1

Wudang Fitness 1: works on flexibility and agility of mind and body.

Wudang fitness is part of Wudang Gongfu. It follows the way of water in the development of physical prowess, endurance and strength.

Health development has 3 basic needs:
  • Flexible responses and body
  • Strength and mobility
  • Endurance and stillness
Wudang Fitness 1
Therefore there are three different Wudang Fitness styles that each work on one of the three needs. The Wudang Fitness styles all take the standing and walking position as their foundation so that foot‐ground contact can help develop the different skills. The skills are all part of development of Taiji movement skills that balance the inner and outer, strength and relaxation, agility and calm. The breathing methods are open and free. The body is experienced as a rhythmic organic whole that requires continuous adaptation, therefore there is no music to guide the practice. Your own self-aware natural rhythm has to develop into your own personal unique piece of music.

Some of the results of Wudang Fitness 1 practices within 10 classes will be:
  • Increased flexibility and improved body temperature regulation
  • More acute physical and spatial awareness
  • Developing playfulness and physical coordination
  • More breathing space in the chest
  • Improved blood circulation and flow, more calm heartbeat
  • Relieves depression and improves daily enjoyments
  • Improves sleeping behaviour
  • Improves digestion

The fitness class helped me to increase my flexibility; suddenly I can touch the ground while bending forward.


For information please contact Peter at peter@thenatureofbeing.co.uk.
Classes are based on a walk-in, continuous basis and all levels of experience are welcome.

Availability: Wednesdays from 5-6pm
Location: The Therapy Room, 25 Oxford Road, Cambridge, CB4 3PH
To Book: Contact The Therapy Room: 01223 315400 / info@thetherapyroom.com