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TCSM Chair Massage

TCSM Chair Massage for developing an ergonomic body posture.

Traditional Chinese Chair Massage is a comforting and relaxing massage which reduces stress and tension related discomfort, like headaches. A traditional method of chair massage which differs from Shiatsu-based chair massage in that the client is asked to take an active part in posture correction.

TCSM Chair MassageWith this the client also learns how to prevent discomfort and complaints due to a wrong posture. This massage is an ideal form to be used for onsite corporate sessions.

TCSM Chair Massage

Some immediate benefits you will experience in receiving the massage:
  • Tension release in arms and shoulders
  • Clearing of the head
  • Refreshed feeling
Some benefits you will experience in about 10 TCSM massages:
  • Increased vigour in desk work
  • Release of RSI tensions and lower back pains
  • Chair independent ergonomic body control
  • Increased playful body awareness to get more out of work and massage
  • Increased independence


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