Experiencing Your Own Wholeness

Sacred Drum Healing

All cultures around the world have used the drum at some point in their history for different reasons besides communication, e.g. healing, meditation and for sacred ritual.

Drums are some of the oldest musical instruments and a sacred tool for indigenous nomadic and tribal communities. Today’s use of the drum for ceremonial, spiritual, healing and therapeutic benefits is a continuation of these earlier uses.

Many studies discovered direct effects of sound and drumming on the human body and psyche. Drumming helps people to express and address emotional issues. This is helping in the removal of blockages and producing emotional release. Research has indicated that drumming can induce an alpha state. These are brainwaves associated with a state of wellbeing and euphoria. Drumming accesses the whole brain, synchronizing the two cerebral hemispheres. The vibrations of the drumbeat encourage mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies (re)balanced, resulting in emotional and mental harmony.

On a physical level drumming has shown to alter endocrine and immunologic response. Drumming has been shown to lower cortisol levels, blood pressure readings, heart rate and blood flow. Drumming seems to increase the production of endorphins (endogenous opiates) assisting in pain control. Several studies have linked drumming with positive effects on Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients, emotionally disturbed teens, recovery addicts and trauma patients.

A Sacred Drum Healing session is 60 minutes and involves the client to lie down or sit upright in a chair.


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Duration: 60 minutes
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