Experiencing Your Own Wholeness

A LOAF for LIFE: What is Real Bread?

In many indigenous traditions Nature is central in the whole.

This reflects how they as Being are part of a living world surrounding them, therefore influencing them as they themselves are part of that same living whole.

Peter's breadFor me Nature and Wholeness extends into baking, cooking and eating. In the ‘modern’ view we nourish our bodies with ‘key’ nutrients, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. And these are laid down in guidelines and regulations. We are torn away from the connection where these nutrients come from! Not to be denigrating but a large part of our current Western world will answer that food (in general) comes from the supermarket/shop. But of course our nutrients, foods come from our living Nature and therefore Nature nourishes us with all the nutrients we need.

We don’t have to add ‘dead’ chemicals to have bread (or any other food item for that matter) that stays fresh for weeks and months. We don’t have to synthesise ‘dead’ ingredients and add them, like vitamins, minerals, fibres, to our daily bread because Nature provides them for us, alive and well.

loavesFor me Real Bread (and food) means using whole, alive and natural ingredients provided by Nature; Flour, Water, Salt and Yeast.
The rest is trust, love and surrender that Nature will guide me and provide me with the most adorable, tasteful and most pleasurable loaf of LIFE for nourishment.

Sourdough Loafs

  • French country loaf: White and wholemeal flour
  • Four grain loaf: Wheat, spelt, rye and malted barley flour
  • Spelt loaf: Spelt flour
  • Fruit & nut, wheat or flour loafs: Wheat or spelt flour with the addition of nuts and dried fruits (dates, figs)
  • Russian seeded rye bread: 100% rye bread with sunflower and pumpkin seeds


All loafs contain Organic certified flour from Fosters Mill in Swaffham Prior, Cambridgeshire. The rest is water, salt and sourdough starter containing natural ‘wild’ yeasts and handwork to knead and form these beautiful tasteful loafs.

Please look at www.loafforlifebakery.co.uk for further information regarding the breads and for orders.
a loaf for life