Experiencing Your Own Wholeness

About Peter

In many indigenous traditions Nature is central in the whole. This reflects how they are part of the world surrounding them and therefore influencing them as they themselves are part of that same whole.

Peter VosholI was born February 14 1969 in the Netherlands, where I graduated in Biomedical Sciences and received my PhD in Medical Sciences. I am a student at the Daoist-based International Oriental College in Amsterdam and a qualified Wudang Health Sport Instructor. I give classes in Fitness, Taiji (Tai Chi) and Qigong and I am a qualified Chinese Chair Masseur.

Furthermore, I continue to learn from several Shamanic teachers in the Netherlands, UK and USA and use this knowledge to enhance my own Awareness of Being. I organize and give lectures/classes/workshops in Awareness and Shamanic Drum and Sacred Tool making.

I am one of the initiators of ‘The Nature of Being’, a centre for Awareness and Being. I love to share my understanding of combining Western and Holistic knowledge.

Life is always a path of challenges as well as opportunities. During my career as a young scientist I tended to be ‘caught’ up in the rush of an interesting as well as competitive field of scientific interest. After University, a PhD followed by a high profiled postdoc and assistant professorship. Rushing forward without enjoying the pleasure of Life as well as Being present in the moment, Here and Now. There was always the next grant to think about, being ahead of the competition including colleagues. Acquiring money and scientific papers seems a main goal, there was and still is little time to reflect on what you researched and place the observation in a bigger picture, in the context of Why.

A major personal circumstance in 2006 made me start to look at myself again and one of the main messages that opened up to me was ‘Reconnect with Nature, go outside and experience the Nature surrounding you’. This message was the start of my current Path of Being. I made some big steps and changes in my life since 2007. I started to study Daoistic Philosophy and Medicine at the International Oriental University in Amsterdam. I started to make shamanic drums and other shamanic-oriented sacred tools using Nature (trees) as inspiration and I started a new position in a different country. Finally I found my love who is both a critical reviewer of my developments, plans and idea’s as well as a wonderful inspiration.

During spring 2010 I met a wonderful woman, teacher, friend and inspiration Lady Marie Herbert. Her life experiences and wisdom inspired me and she also guided me on my first ever Vision Quest in Scotland, August 2010. In the run up to this Vision Quest we had several interesting conversations and get-together’s.

During these inspiring evenings one of my ‘visions’ or insights returned more vivid and that was to start a ‘centre’ of some sort to help to bring out people’s awareness of Being. With Marieke (my love) as inspiration and Marie as an accelerator the start of THE NATURE OF BEING was initiated in May 2010. What it would become is and probably still is not all clear but the intention was set and seeded. We trusted that Nature would tell us what to do and when.

During the rest of 2010 and later, as well as during my Vision Quest that same year and several teaching afterwards, it became clear that one part of my way would be to help people explore their Nature of Being through a creative process. My Shaman teacher and dear friend Carla helped me to see and grasp the real me and my Heart’s Desire being a Toolmaker of ‘Sacred’ tools. Sacred tool for me is something that will brighten your spirit, your day, makes you happy, overcome emotions/fear or helps you to see an issue from a different perspective. This can be anything that inspired you to make and some examples are drums, dream catchers, talking/healing/prayer/medicine sticks, wind charms, talismans but is not limited, expand your creativity. By using bits and pieces found in my surrounding Nature the process also reconnects me with my Nature of Being. That is the intention of THE NATURE OF BEING.

So my part in THE NATURE OF BEING is offering help and support for you to connect with your inspiration and Being of Nature by several means:

  • Sacred Tool making, including shamanic drums
  • Sacred Sound Healing
  • Wudang Style Taiji, Qigong and Fitness
  • Traditional Chinese Chair Massage
  • Baking Real Bread, ‘a LOAF for LIFE’
  • Seminars in which we combine our holistic and Western scientific knowledge

Please feel free to roam the possibilities on this part of the website as well as Marieke’s part, enjoy the experience and hopefully you get inspired to reconnect with your Nature of Being. Please contact me with any questions, remarks, suggestions or just a quick note!

Warm Blessings and Inspiration,

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